Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex’s unique formula begins with an ingredient source that has been a dietary staple for hundreds of years, hot red peppers. Hot red peppers, known as capsicum, contain a group of compounds called capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids are what actually cause the “heat” found in hot peppers.

The same mechanism that heats up peppers also induces thermogenesis, which ramps up metabolic activity and increases the body’s energy expenditure. And increased thermogenesis is only one of capsicum’s weight management benefits. It also helps manage appetite, supports healthy metabolism, helps induce thermogenesis, and supports lipolysis.

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Important Facts About Capsiplex

Q. Do you have excess fat that just won’t go away?

A. Capsiplex’s unique formula is specifically designed for weight control. Excess fat on unwanted areas can now easily be tackled with Capsiplex. 1 pill a day is all it takes. The amazing Capsicum formula has a thermogenic (increase in heat) effect on the body to use more calories.

Q. Do you feel tired and sluggish quite often?

A. One of the main problems with being overweight is tiredness and fatigue. Capsiplex is aimed at helping increase your energy levels and metabolism so that when you are trying to lose weight this is no longer an issue.

Q. Could I just eat hot red peppers to get the same effect as Capsiplex?

A. Unfortunately not. To experience the benefits of Capsicum one would have to consume 10 grams of red hot peppers every day for several weeks. Capsiplex has developed a patented encapsulated form of premium, highly concentrated natural capsicum extract. Using a proprietary matrix of coatings, Capsiplex capsicum extract is delivered through a controlled release mechanism that allows the body to process the extract without oral or gastric irritation.

What Makes Capsiplex Unique?

Award-winning Capsiplex is created using OmniBead™, a beadlet encapsulation technology that delivers the thermogenic power of red hot peppers without the burn. A proprietary formulation, Capsiplex encapsulates a highly concentrated and intensely hot natural capsicum fruit extract to provide highly effective levels of active capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric irritation of unprotected red hot peppers.

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Capsiplex Benefits

  • Help increase energy levels
  • Help increase metabolism
  • Help burn more calories
  • Reduce body mass

What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a slimming supplement that contains an ingredient called capsaicin, a naturally occurring compound found in chilli peppers (capsicums) that gives them their heat.

It also contains three other ingredients: caffeine, niacin (a B vitamin)and piperine (found in black pepper). As a result, it claims to be 100 percent natural.

How does Capsiplex work?

The product claims that the chilli pepper (or capsaicin) in the pills stimulates our metabolism so we burn more calories and therefore reduce body fat.

Is there any proof it works?

All the claims for Capsiplex are based on one small trial carried out at the University of Oklahoma. In the study, 25 subjects took either a Capsiplex pill or a placebo before exercising.

Researchers then monitored the amount of energy they expended and their oxygen consumption and heart rate 60 minutes before they began exercising, during a 60-minute exercise period that consisted of walking on a treadmill and then 50 minutes after exercising.

The study found that subjects taking the Capsiplex slimming pills burnt three times more calories before exercise, three percent more calories during exercise and 12 times more calories up to one hour after exercising – amounting to an extra 278 calories in total.

So can chillies really aid weight loss?

A small number of animal and human studies have looked at whether chilli consumption increases metabolism.

It certainly seems that adding chilli to meals increases the production of heat in the body for a short time, which, in turn, means the body has to work harder to regulate its temperature. As a result, a small number of extra calories are burnt. However, the effects are only short-lived. Longer term effects can be seen from doing regular activity and exercise, which increases your metabolism naturally.

No research has been carried out to see if the active ingredient in chillies – capsaicin – is an effective long-term treatment for obesity.

Ultimately, until considerably more research is carried out, it’s impossible to say whether chillies truly aid weight loss. In reality, though, it’s unlikely they will ever be the magic slimming ingredient so many of us desire.

What makes this pill different?

Lots of slimming pills include chilli, so what is it the makers of Capsiplex think set this one apart?

Several slimming supplements certainly include ingredients like cayenne pepper, chilli or capsaicin. However, the manufacturers of Capsiplex say that chilli peppers consumed in the amounts needed for effective calorie burning would considerably irritate the stomach lining if taken in the dosage needed.

They say that in order to prevent this irritation, many supplements use diluted, ineffective quantities of chilli pepper extract.

Capsiplex differs because the supplements use a special coating that’s designed to withstand the acidity of the stomach. As a result, the capsicum extract bypasses the stomach where it can cause irritation and instead is released directly into the intestine, where no discomfort is supposedly felt.

How much does Capsiplex cost?

A one month supply of 30 capsules costs around £30.

How often do you take it?

You take one pill a day in the morning with a glass of water, or for best results, 30-60 minutes before exercise.

How much weight will I lose?

The manufacturers say it depends on your starting weight, but if you have more than a stone to shift you can expect to lose up to 4lb in the first week followed by 1-2lb a week after that.



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